About Us

About Us

The Partnership for Learning was created to encourage children, of every age, to be engaged in our community. In collaboration with our local partners, we have collected a comprehensive list of resources that are available in Dorchester County. We believe that having up-to-date information- that is located on one, easy to find website- will help foster the continuous love for learning. At the Partnership for Learning we strive to provide our local community with information, resources, and connections that they need to develop, care for, engage, and enrich their lives.


You can find information on programs available in Dorchester County related to the following topics: Education & Learning, Childcare & Development, Skill Building, Outdoor & Athletics, Arts & Culture, Faith Based, & Employment Opportunities


Chris Wheedleton has carved out a unique career blending educational leadership with lessons learned in the corporate world. His most recent work has been connecting the academic achievement gaps in K-12 education, with the skills gaps that organizations have been calling out as a challenge to develop the skills of their current workforce, as well as finding the right skills in the new employees they need to recruit.

Since getting his teaching degree from Penn State, Chris spent the first 15 years of his career in progressive roles with consumer products leaders Nabisco, Kraft, and Pepsi.  He developed his skills with customer relationship management as well as traditional sales and marketing strategic execution in various markets across the country, leading national teams and strategic initiatives. On the corporate side of things, Chris added a Six Sigma Master Black Belt to bring process improvement and consultancy, studied at Johns Hopkins University in leadership development and collaborative conflict resolution, was certified as a Myers-Briggs leadership facilitator, and earned an Executive Coaching designation.

Chris grew up on Home Place Farm on the eastern side of Dorchester County, teaches Yoga locally, and is passionate about helping to bring learning opportunities to every individual in our community.


Nicole Evans

Nicole Evans is a 4th generation, born and bred Dorchester County resident. Nicole is married with three young, and wild but loving boys. While only one of her sons is of school age, they will all eventually attend the South Dorchester K-8 school down below Cambridge. Nicole is an experienced and successful project and marketing manager with 15 years in the workforce, over time developing a reputation for driving business. She has evolved from holding a teaching degree to an MBA. Working as a stockbroker, and financial planner to the Department of Defense, to her current organization which has all contributed to her collaborative nature.

Nicole is a critical thinker, problem-solver, and a creative, extremely detailed oriented person. Her high-performance desire to win has changed every organization she has worked alongside and will surely change the Partnership for Learning. Having kids in the school system, she is passionate about providing and making the public aware of the best opportunities for each student in Dorchester County to succeed!


Lucas Thorpe

Lucas Thorpe is a recent graduate of North Dorchester High School (in fact he was a part of the last graduating class of the original NDHS building). After graduating from DCPS, he moved onto Chesapeake College beginning his journey in higher education. He currently studies at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, where he is studying Secondary Education English, with the desire to return to the county to teach High School English at one of the two High Schools.

Lucas works with several organizations in the county including the YMCA, Young Life, Parks and Rec (as a football coach), and now with the Partnership for Learning. Lucas’ passions lie in bringing world-class education to every student in Dorchester County, by providing the utmost intentional care and focus. Lucas has a desire to bridge the gap in our County, mending and healing divisions and wounds, and giving a renewed hope of the tomorrow!

We will continue to update our listings regularly so check back often so you can take advantage of all that the county has to offer. Make sure to like us on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

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